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Advanced Certificate Programs

Please see our Graduate Admissions page for more information on admission requirements for Advanced Certificates.

Graduate Advanced Certificates in Management

Each certificate provides a pathway of expertise in a specialty area of management. The courses are commonly applied to a Master of Science degree in Management. A certificate will be awarded to students who successfully complete all 15 credits with a minimum of a 3.000 grade point average. All courses must be completed within a seven-year period.

General Management HEGIS 0506

MGT 5025 Business Ethics 3 credits
MGT 5030 The Legal Environment of Business 3 credits
MGT 5035 Managerial Economics 3 credits
MGT 5040 Marketing Management 3 credits
MGT 5045 Organizational Behavior 3 credits
Total 15 credits

Health Services Management HEGIS 1202

HSM 5000 The American Healthcare Systems 3 credits
HSM 5005 Healthcare Finance 3 credits
HSM 5010 Epidemiology 3 credits
HSM 5015 Healthcare: Legal and Ethical Issues 3 credits
HSM 5020 Policy and Decision Making 3 credits
Total 15 credits

Training of Trainers Advanced Certificate

The Training of Trainers Advanced Certificate is intended for persons who are responsible for helping adults learn. The program is designed to prepare persons to develop, administer, and conduct training programs for adults. Participants may develop programs for employees in business, industry, and health-related institutions; for students and teachers engaged in continuing education; or for volunteers, clients, and professionals in community-based organizations.
The popular Advanced Certificate in Training of Trainers is a six credit hour, stand-alone program that offers an accelerated format for working adults. Once earned, the six credits may also be applied towards the Master of Science in Education degree in Corporate and Community Education. The program is offered in two consecutive terms.

AED 5071 Training of Trainers: Needs Assessment
AED 5072 Training of Trainers: Program Design & Evaluation
AED 5073 Training of Trainers: Learning Theory for Trainers
AED 5074 Training of Trainers: Characteristics of Adult Learners
AED 5075 Training of Trainers: Learning Environment and Social Dynamics
AED 5076 Training of Trainers: Techniques for Teaching Adults

Human Resource Development Advanced Certificate

One of the most valuable assets in an organization is an effective and professional Human Resource Department. To ensure that such valuable assets remain effective, organizations must keep the individuals in the department current on all matters involving Human Resource Development. To assist organizations seeking to develop the skills of their members, the Human Resource Development Advanced Certificate is being offered through Elmira College’s Master of Science in Education Corporate and Community Education. It is open to individuals who have completed their bachelor’s degree and wish to take it as a stand-alone advanced certificate or to apply it to their Master’s in Education. The program offers the opportunity to earn the Human Resource Development Advanced Certificate within one academic calendar year. The courses are conveniently scheduled on weekday evenings and Saturdays to meet the time constraints of working adults. This 15-credit-hour certificate offers the following five 3-credit courses which provide a strong background in Human Resource Development for those interested in pursuing further study in this area. 

AED 5010 - Critical Issues in Human Resource Development
AED 5020 - Program Development and Evaluation
AED 5270 - Facilitating Learning Organizations
PSY 5150 - Organizational Psychology
HUE 5630 - Career Development