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Master's Degree Programs in Management

Master of Science (M.S.) Degrees in:


Performance-oriented curricula for jobs in demand...

These programs are performance-based and designed to develop essential knowledge and skill competencies for managers. Students in these degree programs will complete 21 credits of required core curriculum. The core courses will develop broad-based knowledge and skill competencies. Students may choose from one of the four disciplines specifically designed for an area of management specialty. Each discipline-specific curriculum consists of five three-credit courses designed for knowledge and skills in a certain domain. These programs afford students the opportunity to study in a multidisciplinary setting.

Unique Capstone Experience

The capstone graduate seminar will consist of small groups of students from each discipline. Case studies, simulations, group projects, and problem-based learning will be integrated with classroom lectures and presentations. Through the capstone, students will develop critical thinking skills and problem-solving ability. This capstone learning experience represents a key benefit of these programs.

Graduate Advanced Certificates

Each specialty is available as a Graduate Advanced Certificate. The advanced certificates provide a pathway for individuals possessing a baccalaureate or advanced degree and desiring the subject matter expertise in one or more of the four specialty areas.