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Tuition & Fees

Elmira College's part-time tuition rates and payment plans make taking classes and getting a valuable degree an affordable way to improve your life. In addition, if you pursue a degree, even part-time, you may be eligible for financial aid in the form of grants and loans. Visit us to learn more.

Elmira College courses are within your reach.
This is your opportunity. Apply for financial aid, even if you think you will not qualify. Contact our Office of Financial Aid or click here to apply!


Tuition Rates
Part-time Undergraduate Tuition (per credit)
Undergraduate Course Audit Tuition (per credit)
Graduate M.S. Ed. Course Tuition (per credit)
Graduate M.S. Ed. Course Audit Tuition (per credit)
Graduate M.S. Management Course Tuition (per credit)
Per Term Fee
Technology Fee (per term) - mandatory $50
Other Charges (where applicable)
Part-time Undergraduate Application for
       Admission (Matriculation) Fee

Graduate Application for Admission (Matriculation) Fee
Campus Parking Fee (Annual - Sales tax included)
Deferred Payment Plan Fee
Late Registration Fee
Course Change Fee
Re-registration Fee
Late Payment Fee
Returned Check Fee
Directed/Independent Study Fee
Replacement ID Card Fee $25
Change of Status Fee (Part to Full-time/Full to Part-time)
Applied Music Fee (per credit)
Undergraduate Equivalency Exam (per credit)
Graduation Fee
Late Graduation Fee
Unofficial Transcript Fee
No Charge
Official Transcript Fee (No charge for first copy)

Deferred Payment Plan Options
At Elmira College, you have the opportunity to defer payment for classes. For the Fall and Winter Terms, 40% of the tuition and all fees are due at the time of registration with two payments of 30% each due the first of October and November for Fall Term and February and March for Winter Term.

For the Spring and Summer Terms, 50% of the tuition and all fees are due at the time of registration with the balance due May 15th for Spring Term and July 15th for Summer Term.