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Human Service

Associate in Science

Students working toward an associate degree in Human Services must complete a series of core requirements which provides a strong grounding in the various areas of Human Services.

Graduates in this major are prepared for a variety of entry-level careers in Human Service or to continue on toward a bachelor's degree in Human Services.

Students must fulfill the general degree requirements for the Associate in Science degree and the major courses listed below.

Major Requirements

Core Requirements
HMS 1000 Human Services in Contemporary America 3.0 (credits)
PSY 1010 Introductory Psychology 3.0 (credits)
SOC 1010 Introductory Sociology 3.0 (credits)
HMS 2515 Human Services Practicum 6.0 (credits)
HMS 3005 Family Assesment 3.0 (credits)
HMS/PSY 3300* Basic Counseling Techniques 3.0 (credits)

*Prerequisites: PSY 1010 Introductory Psychology and PSY 2030 Personality

Human Behavior and Development
Choose one of the following (3.0 credits)
(In making choices, note that courses may have prerequisites) 
HMS 3006 Observing Child Development
PSY 2030 Personality
PSY 2060 Child and Adolescent Psychology
PSY 3000 Psychology of Maturing and Aging
PSY 3010 Social Psychology
PSY 3140 Abnormal Psychology
PSY 3220 Theories of Human Development
PSY 4031 Contemporary Problems: Issues of Adolescence
SOC 2600 Sociology of Aging

Human Service Delivery
Choose one of the following (3.0 credits)
(In making choices, note that courses may have prerequisites) 
HMS 1010 Early Childhood Services
HMS 2010 Chemical Dependency: Treatment and Rehabilitation
HMS 2020 Mental Health Services
HMS 2025 **
HMS-NSG 2030 Death and Dying OR
End of Life Issues
HMS 3010 Management of Human Service Agencies
HMS 3025 Services to Children and Youth
HMS-SOC 3120 Community Organization
HMS 3140 Social Group Work
HMS 3150 Social Casework
PSY 2020 Introduction to Clinical Psychology

TOTAL CREDITS required for the major: 27.0

**Students can choose to take either HMS 2025 or HMS-NSG 2030. Students should not take both courses to meet the elective requirement.