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How to Apply

You may take classes at Elmira College without officially applying for an undergraduate degree. All you need to do is enroll through the Office of Continuing Education and Graduate Studies. You may print the registration form, complete it, then return it to the address below, or request a registration form by calling the Office of Continuing Education at 607-735-1825 or 800-354-4720 or by e-mailing

However, if you would like to pursue an undergraduate degree, receive financial aid or need directed or independent studies, you must apply for degree candidacy.

Apply for Associate's or Bachelor's Degree Candidacy

To apply for degree candidacy, follow these simple steps:

1. Print the application and mail the completed application and $50 fee application fee to the Office of Continuing Education and Graduate Studies.

2. Ask your previous colleges to send official transcripts to Elmira College's Office of Continuing Education and Graduate Studies.

3. Have an interview with an Undergraduate Academic Advisor.

4. If you have graduated from high school or earned your GED and completed fewer than 12 college credits, request an official transcript from your high school or an official GED certificate and official transcripts from all colleges you have attended to be sent to the Office of Continuing Education and Graduate Studies.

5. If you have not finished high school and do not have a GED, you must successfully complete 12 credits of college-level work before you can apply for a degree. You will be granted a New York State High School Equivalency Diploma once you have completed 24 credits at an accredited school in the following areas:

English, including writing, speaking and literature - 6 credits
Math - 3 credits
Natural Science - 3 credits
Social Science - 3 credits
Humanities - 3 credits
Any other courses within the registered degree or certificate program - 6 credits

6. All students must be in compliance with New York State Immunization Requirements. Once enrolled in a class, immunization documentation is required within the first thirty days of your first term for Measles, Mumps, Rubella and Meningitis. Although Meningitis is an optional vaccination, the completed form is required.