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Students will learn how to use the scientific approach to the study of physical evidence in matters of law. Emphasis on scientific analysis and measurement, design of physical, chemical and biological testing, deductive reasoning, legal and ethical issues as they pertain to the collection and study of physical evidence. Laboratory exercises and experiments will emphasize accurate observations and measurements, experimental design, and analysis of results and observations. Case studies will be used to illustrate the integral role of physical evidence in the criminal justice system.

Dr. Corey Stilts is an Associate Professor of Chemistry and his PH.D. is in Medicinal Chemistry . He teaches courses in organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry and forensic science. His area of interest is in methods of synthesizing porphyrins and evaluating these porphyrins as potential sensitizers in the photodynamic treatment of bacterial infections. He has recently presented his research with his research students at National American Chemical Society Conferences in Anaheim and San Diego California. You can read more about Dr. Stilts at his research web site:

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