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The Chemistry curriculum at Elmira College provides basic preparation for professional work in the field of Medicine, Dentistry, and Medical Technology, or prepares the student for entering the chemical industry or for undertaking graduate study in Chemistry. A student who plans to teach Chemistry in a secondary school can acquire teacher certification with the addition of Education courses. Those students who are interested in

It is recommended that any student intending to go on to graduate or professional school in the sciences take one year of Physics as well as Mathematics through Calculus II in addition to the regular program in their major.

Facilities at Elmira College for studying Chemistry include laboratories for research, radioisotope, instrumentation, and teaching. In addition to the standard laboratory equipment, major instruments available to students are the NMR; atomic absorption, ultraviolet-visible and infrared spectrophotometers; gas and light, performance liquid chromatographs; ultra-centrifuge; as well as computer and data stations.