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Education Learning Outcomes

1. Subject Matter Knowledge
Pre-service teacher candidates are knowledgeable of subject matter within their content fields and are able to apply central concepts, tools of inquiry, and structures of their discipline to meet the various teaching and learning needs of all students.

2. Pedagogical Knowledge
Pre-service teacher candidates demonstrate in their teaching knowledge of effective pedagogy and technology by engaging all students in developmentally appropriate learning, including critical and innovative thinking and collaborative problem solving.

3. Student Development, Student Learning, and the Learning Environment
Pre-service teacher candidates promote student academic, social, and developmental achievement by creating and maintaining a caring, nurturing, inclusive, and well-managed environment that meets the diverse needs of all students in collaboration with schools, family, and community.

4. Assessment
Pre-service teacher candidates use assessment, evaluation, and reflection for monitoring and enhancing student learning and strengthening their professional knowledge, growth, and practice.

5. Professional Dispositions, Development, and Growth
Pre-service teacher candidates strive to be effective practitioners by demonstrating professional and ethical practices, seeking opportunities for professional growth, and maintaining effective communication with all members of the learning community.

6. New York State Standards
Pre-service teacher candidates meet the New York State Teaching Standards and demonstrate how they align the New York State Learning Standards and Common Core Curriculum with their teaching and their students’ learning.

Note: Learning goals are subject to regular review and revision.