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English Literature Curriculum

Introductory English elective (3 Credits)
(Any 1000-level course)                                 

American Literature Survey (3 Credits):

ENG2042 American Literature: Beginnings to Civil War
ENG2043 American Literature: Civil War to World War II                                       
ENG2044 American Literature: Post-‘45  

English Literature Survey (3 Credits):

ENG 2210 English Literature Before 1800
ENG 2211 English Literature After 1800

Creative Writing (3 Credits):                                                                                                     

ENG 2010 The Craft of Writing Fiction
ENG 2015 The Craft of Writing Poetry                                                              
ENG 2025 The Craft of Creative Non-Fiction 

ENG 4590 Senior Seminar (3 Credits)                                                                                            

Additional English Electives (21 Credits)
(At least 12 credits at 3000-level or above)                                   

Total credits required to complete major:  36.0