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Foreign Languages Curriculum

At Elmira College, foreign languages is an interdisciplinary major offering specialization in French and Spanish. All students in the major must complete core requirements, and one area of specialization.

Elmira College offers students a unique opportunity for independent study in several languages rarely found in a college curriculum. These special programs are available in Arabic, Chinese, Modern Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Swahili, and Classical Greek .

A major in Foreign Languages requires completion of the core requirements plus one area of specialization selected from French and Spanish.

Students choosing to specialize in French or Spanish are urged to spend some time studying abroad; opportunities and financial aid exist. Students seeking teacher certification in French or Spanish must consult the appropriate instructor; studies in linguistics and the teaching of foreign languages should be included.

Core Requirements

A classical or modern foreign language different from the specialization through the 2020 course (may be waived by examination)
French, Spanish or Latin American history, art history, and-or culture and civilization courses according to specialization

Specialization in French 6.0
French courses, excluding
FRE 1010: First Year French I
FRE 1020: First Year French II
and including
FRE 2010: Second Year French I
FRE 2020: Second Year French II

French Skills Courses
FRE 3010: Advanced Grammar
FRE 3020: Advanced Conversation
FRE 3030: Advanced Composition
FRE 3040: Reading and Translation

French Literature-Culture Courses
FRE 3110: Survey of French Literature to 1800
FRE 3120: Survey of French Literature Since 1900
One specialized course in French Literature or in French-Francophone culture and civilization

Specialization in Spanish
Spanish courses, excluding
SPA 1010: First Year Spanish I
SPA 1020: First Year Spanish II
and including
SPA 2010: Second Year Spanish I
SPA 2020: Second Year Spanish II

Spanish Skills Courses
SPA 3010: Advanced Grammar
SPA 3020: Advanced Conversation
SPA 3030: Advanced Composition
SPA 3040: Reading and Translation

Spanish Literature-Culture Courses
SPA 3110: Survey of Latin American Literature to 1800
SPA 3120: Survey of Latin American Literature Since 1900

One specialized course in Spanish-Latin American Literature or in Spanish-Latin American Culture and Civilization

In addition to the required number of credits needed to complete the major, all students must also fulfill the general degree requirements in order to graduate.