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Music is an art experienced by people of all ages and in all parts of the world. It could be a child listening to the rhythm of mother’s heartbeat, a couple dancing to pop music, a movie audience put on the edges of their seats by the soundtrack, a pianist performing complex polyrhythms of a sonata, or a group of musicians improvising in a garage — there is no escaping the fact that music is a part of our daily lives.

The Elmira College Music faculty’s goal is to develop students’ musicianship by offering courses in a liberal arts context that improve performance skills, establish an understanding of the rich and diverse history of music, and develop a mature sensibility of creative expression within the context of a variety of historical styles.

Elmira College Music majors choose one of the following specializations: Performance, Music Literature and History, or Theory and Composition, taking some courses in all these areas. They learn to understand (intellectually, aurally) and produce (via performance and-or composing) music in a variety of historical styles. They prepare to pursue a career in music as an instructor of music in private studios or conservatories or to pursue graduate study in the field of Music. Students completing Music and Theatre majors are prepared to pursue careers as performers in Musical Theatre. This goal may also be pursued by combining the music minor with a theatre major.

Dr. Spicer (pianist, flutist) performs on campus as part of the College Encore program and as a soloist in the region. Dr. Jeff Seeley, Instructor of Music, conducts the Elmira College Chamber Singers; the Chamber Singers perform every Fall and Winter term, and occasionally feature Elmira College vocal and instrumental students as soloists. Elmira College also has three student-run "a cappella" vocal groups, and the Elmira College Concert Ensemble, a concert band.