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Philosophy & Religion Curriculum

Philosophy and Religion afford the student an opportunity to become acquainted with the world's greatest thinkers and with the issues that have evolved from their thought.

Majors in this field explore the history of philosophy from the Greeks through the Twentieth Century, study the Old and New Testaments, and explore at least three other areas ranging from Buddhism to Existentialism. A seminar and electives in related fields are also a part of the major.

Required Courses

PHR 1006: Ethics
PHR 2010: History of Philosophy I
PHR 2020: History of Philosophy II

PHR 2030: Biblical Religion I: Old Testament
PHR 2040: Biblical Religion II: New Testament

PHR 2130: World Religion I: Hinduism and Buddhism
PHR 2140: World Religion II: Chinese and Islam

PHR 4590: Seminar in Philosophy or Religion (W course)

Electives: Major electives, including 12 credits at or above the 3000 level, selected from:
Philosophy and Religion 9.0
Related fields 12.0

In addition to the required number of credits needed to complete the major, all students must also fulfill the general degree requirements in order to graduate.