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Speech and Language Disabilities Curriculum

The Speech and Language Disabilities major leads to the New York State initial certificate in Speech and Language Disabilities and provides students with a sound basis for continued study and ultimately for certification by the American Speech/Language/Hearing Association.

During the Fall Term of the junior year, those students in Communication Sciences and Disorders, who are interested in pursuing the Speech and Language Disabilities major will be required to submit an application indicating intent to student teach. At that time they will also submit a plan of route to graduate. Approval for enrollment in student teaching (SPH 4515) will provide the student with the opportunity to complete the Speech and Language Disabilities major. It should be noted that there are a limited number of student teaching placements available each term and that selection will be made on a competitive basis. In the event that approval is denied, the student may continue in the Speech and Hearing major, but may not complete the Speech and Language Disabilities major.

Required Courses
EDU 1010: Foundations of Education 
EDU 3345: Literary Acquisition and Development for Preschool and Elementary School Learners 
PSY 1010: Introductory Psychology 
PSY 2060: Child and Adolescent Psychology 
SPH 2100: Introduction to Communication Disorders
SPH 2150: Anatomy and Physiology for Speech and Language
SPH 2250: Language Development
SPH 2300: Hearing Science
SPH 2320: Principles of Phonetics 
SPH 2600: Hearing Disorders and Assessment
SPH 2900: Speech-Language Services in the Schools
SPH 3230: Diagnosis and Appraisal
SPH 3590: Articulation and Phonology Disorders
SPH 3591: Disorders of Language (W course)
SPH 3750: Clinical Practice in Audiology
SPH 3751: Clinical Practice in Speech Pathology (1.5 each)

Six credits from the following:
ASL 1010: American Sign Language I
SPH 1910: Augmentative and Alternative Communication
SPH 3000: Neurogenic Disorders of Communication
SPH 3595: Aural Rehabilitation
SPH 3596: Stuttering 
SPH 4591: Seminar: Mental Retardation

Student Teaching
SPH 4515: Student Teaching and Seminar in Speech-Language Pathology

Teacher Certification
The initial teaching certificate in Speech and Language Disabilities is granted by the State of New York to students who have successfully completed the Speech and Language Disabilities major and who receive institutional recommendation for that certificate. Additional requirements for certification include:

  1. Qualifying scores on New York State Examinations for Initial Certification
  2. Successful completion of study of a foreign language* (6 college credits or equivalent)
  3. Completion of a certification application
  4. Successful fingerprint-supported criminal history background check

*ASL is considered a foreign language for this certification.

NOTE: This program provides students with information about New York State Learning Standards and national standards and the relevance of these to school-based programs.

In addition to the required number of credits needed to complete the major, all students must also fulfill the general degree requirements in order to graduate.